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A Simple Marketing Solution For Your Business

Greater Works is a creative firm specializing in brand development, digital marketing, and design services for social good enterprises worldwide. We understand the value of knowing your identity as a brand and reflecting that central message throughout every experience someone may have with your brand. We are poised to build brands and businesses that change the world through strategic branding and digital marketing services. (John 14:12)

“We are truly passionate about our role as strategists & designers. Our hope is to change  the world one project at a time by partnering with brands that have a similar goal in mind.”

Our Services


    We aim to help you establish and execute a cohesive visual identity. Services such as logo creation, event & series design, renaming & re-branding projects, and establishing brand standards fall under this category.


    Trust our team to capture the essence of your brand identity and transpose it to something your stakeholders can hold. Let us design any and all of your print marketing needs including brochures, postcards, annual reports; business cards, you name it, we got it!


    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your website is worth a New York Times bestseller. We would love to take what your organizational vision and bring it to life through optimized design of your website, blog, and/or e-newsletter, etc.


    At Greater Works we realize the misuse and missed opportunity countless business endure due to lack of knowledge and directive on how to take full advantage of social media. We will guide your branding efforts in the development and management of a well-rounded social media strategy. We offer platform management and content development for your social media platforms.

“It’s all about the process of taking an idea or message communicating it effectively. This is what we do on a daily basis for clients around the globe.”

Branding Workshop

This is one day of intense discovery with you and your team. We’ll work together to discover your unique “why” and create a strategy that will guide your branding efforts.

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