5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Candidate for Your Sales Team

Sales is the lifeblood of every business, but hiring the right sales talent is a lot more complex than determining if the candidate you’re talking to has a proven track record of bringing in orders. You need to make sure that any success they’ve had in the past isn’t the result of specific circumstances that may not exist at your company. You really want to be methodical in ascertaining that you’re hiring the best fit for your team.

Assess Skills and Abilities

Collecting data on your customers is a team effort that goes beyond an individual rep’s accounts and territory. Sales software is a gold mine of clues about past and future sales. The more meticulously information about customers is entered, the better understanding your business has about your opportunities to upsell. A job candidate who sounds like they don’t have much patience for using sales software is sending you a sign that they don’t plan on playing a role in the long-term growth of your company.

Learn Previous Work Experience

It doesn’t have to be an interrogation. You simply want to understand why they took their job and at what point it became unsatisfactory. It’s important to find out what change they’re pursuing. Candid questions will give you insights into what they’re looking for and help you to understand if the job you’re offering will meet their expectations.

How They Feel About Past Jobs

Hiring the former employee of a competitor can seem inviting in terms of the intel you become privy to, but it’s more important to ascertain if the candidate you’re interviewing is truly interested in being part of a team effort. You don’t want to hire a mercenary chasing higher commission and base who won’t be around for long if they can find it elsewhere.

Ask About Previous Sales Positions

How they converse with a former client can show you their sales style. Some reps are consultative. Others are pushy. Decide if your candidate has an approach that complements your team and brand. Personality matters in hiring because of employee engagement, interpersonal skills, and emotional intelligence, which is why personality assessments are necessary for proper hiring.  

Understand Their Discretion

A sales rep who easily carries information about a former employer’s accounts may seem useful. Be aware, however, that they may be lacking in ethics. You don’t want them taking information about your company so lightly in the event that they decide to seek employment elsewhere.

Hiring a sales rep for your team can be tricky. Sales reps are skilled at making positive impressions. Many start out strong and lose their focus over time. It’s important to get beyond the obvious. A real seasoned rep will understand your concerns and accommodate the questions you need to ask.

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